Yoga Wellness Detox Retreat

26-29th January 2018

Exciting news... Madhu and I are opening our next phase of detox wellness weekends and week long training.

3 days and nights, camping or snuggling in the glass house studio, amongst like minded people, ready to support and learn from each other, while graduated fasting from alkaline food into juice. (and out the other side again).

Dada Dharmavedananda, an expert from Cebu Wellness training centre, and gentle Didi Ananda Didi A Devanistha, will be running workshops and sharing their spiritual wealth over the three starry nights and serene days.

Costs range from $650 (singles glamping) to $1190 couples, or the special space in the Yoga Glass studio airbnb for $1,390 couple. This includes all meals, yoga and meditation classes, wellness workshops and natural therapies.

Learn how to take care of self, health, and well being. Also have a taste of garden therapy and practical tips on how to grow your own food!

Most of all, we are excited about meditation and it's subtle rewards. If you are new to discovering your inner world, enjoy the support of the group meditation sessoins.

Our wish is to see everyone lead fulfilling lives and reaching an inner awareness and connection that's joyful.

Good health, great company and paradise surroundings.. xx

Please select your accomodation option and proceed to Paypal for bookings


Dada Dharma

Director of Ananda Marga Yoga Wellness centers around the world, Dada has been fasting and training others in Detox for more than a decade

Kate and Madhu

Meditation and yoga teachers with over 50 years of experience between them, this couple love to entertain and feed their guests with delight

Didi Ananda Devaniista

Naturopath, with extensive knowledge of Chinese and auruvedic medicine, Didi’s spiritual life experience shines through her interactions with students.