The Wellness Detox

Session 1
Wednesday - 4pm until 7.30 pm (includes dinner)
Introduction & Health mapping

Session 2
Friday - 4pm until 7.30 pm (includes dinner)
What is 'wellness?'

Session 3
Saturday morning - 9am - 2.00pm (includes breakfast and lunch)

Session 4
Sunday morning - 9am - 2.00pm (includes breakfast and lunch)

This schedule is recommended and can also be adjusted to suit individual needs.

Those wishing to continue the graduated fast into the following week can discuss this on Saturday afternoon.

Optional classes for continued fasting - Classes in health - Be the Master of your own Health in greater detail Yoga, meditation and therapies; Juices and herbs supplied; Healing symptom management techiniques; Colon cleansing instructions; Individual and group support.

Things to bring

  • Note book and pen
  • 2 Towels
  • Yoga mat or blanket
  • light blanket for covering
  • 1 litre drinking bottle
  • Swimming costume
Cost remains at $150 special price for four sessions.

Please confirm booking payment by email, or phone.
(Please contact Kate if finances are an issue to work out an arrangement.)

What people have been saying about the Wellness Detox weekends

"As cliche as it may sound, this detox was one of those life-changing events! I have done several cleanses over the years, & I live a reasonably healthy lifestyle, yet this really allowed me to go deeper... I gained a deeper understanding of "old" stuff that I have been carrying for many years... It was so wonderful to participate in a group, supporting one another through the process, a support that has continued beyond the program... Working with Kanika & Madhu was such a treat, I felt held, I appreciated the male/female gifts they brought to their individual & collective facilitation, they gave so much on many levels"

"First I saw the change in my eyes... they got brighter just after one day! Then my body began to change, at first I didn't notice, but by the third day I was already feeling like a new person had emerged.."

"I just recently did the five day detox programme with Kanika and Madhu. It was a total gift of an opportunity to be able to do this. It was soooo much more than I expected. A lot of fun, great information, delectable food {on the days we were eating}. beautiful guided journey work, and fantastic support. I highly reccommend Kanika and Madhu as facilitators they offer sooo much to culminate in a deeply enriching experience. Their dedication and enthusiasm is a blessing. I simply think everyone on the planet needs to experience this journey. I'm still feeling and reaping the benefits from it. Thankyou both so very much."

"Kate and Madhu provided a loving, safe and informative enviroment to detox. Not only was it a beautiful opportunity to detox physically but I was surprised to experience the beginning of an emotional release as well- thank you again for assisting me on a new journey ....."

We are very excited to be making another Wellness Detox weekend available for another group of interested students. We aim to provide you with the information and skills needed for each of you to open new doors and continue with optimum health and wellbeing into your futures.

Much love , Kate and Madhu