If you would like to support our Children's Community Garden project's long term sustainability, you can make a donation

One time received sums help us to buy more fruit trees, create another art piece, complete a landscaping project, or employ a specially skilled landscape artist to work with the children. Thank you!!

The idea for us is to give, as much time, energy and care as we have to our environments. Our hope is to inspire and enliven the children, animals, plants and parents that pass in and out of these growing wellness spaces.

Our aim is to save you money.. by teaching all of our children to grow food at home and cook straight from the garden. By enabling local families to buy garden produce at affordable prices. And by providing wellness courses that illustrate low cost natural living, which allows your good health to flourish without expensive food supplements or additives.

If you are able to support our giving, we are grateful! Your generosity helps us to help children in our community!