The Children's Community Garden began in August 2012.

The Concept

The idea of the garden is to create a safe and beautiful growing environment where children explore growing edible plants - fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs and Australian native bush foods, under the encouragement of adult educators.

Art and aesthetics are integral to the process of the Children's community garden design. Local children are invited to work together in small groups, to plan and implement environmental art which is displayed throughout the garden, for all who enter to enjoy.

All aspects of plant growth, harvest and fresh food preparation are included in after school and weekend programs. Parents are encouraged to join their children in the garden, and a number of working bees and volunteers have joined to set up the garden.

The First Meetings

The Maple Street Health Food co-op was approached in August 2012 for use of their land behind the shop. Already Barung Land care had established a community garden, that has been functioning with volunteers for a number of years. The committees met informally and agreed that a children's garden would be an asset to both the Health food co-op store, and the Barung Community garden.