Children's Art

Children are invited to help make the pathways and steps colourful and decorative. In groups of 5 - 10, they meet, crack tiles, consider their design, and begin to lay into wet cement. Each design is unique, and as the mosaics step down through the garden, the groups consider how to follow the previous lay out, to create an overall picture.

Plastic glove blowing and cracking whole tiles become favourite occupations.

Animal Carvings

From the beginning, Matt George, a local wood carver has been adding animals and creatures to the garden. Dragon's heads, owls, possums, chooks, snakes and most recently a Bumble bee are carved into logs and stumps lining the pathways. Matt has a dream to dress the rooftops of Maleny with more and more animals, to capture the magic of our vibrant community town.

For more info on Matt's chainsaw carvings check out his website

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